Quality Catholic Education


Assurance Fraework

Domain One

Quality Catholic Education


Provide opportunities for our students, staff, parents and trustees to encounter Jesus Christ in an explicitly Catholic environment through-out the division.

Key Elements - Outcomes

  • The Catholic faith provides a framework for learning and life.
  • The Catholic faith is permeated into our curriculum so that contemporary culture is critically evaluated in the light of “The Truth.”
  • Our staff witness to others a life lived in relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Our students, staff, and parents are honoured as distinct and unique while being brought together in a spirit of communion.

Primary Strategies


  • Implement a four-year faith plan - “Called By God”.
  • Review and integrate curriculum resources to support faith permeation across all grade levels and subject areas that align with REN, CCSSA, and Catholic bishop recommendations.
  • Religion Lead Teacher supports religious curriculum integration through coordinating faith and social justice activities for students and staff across the Division.
  • Staff collaborate with the Faith Coordinator to assess for professional, personal and environmental needs to school and teachers.
  • Staff collaborate with the Faith Coordinator to assess for professional, personal and environmental needs to school and teachers. 
  •  Staff collaborate with the Religion Lead & the local parish to address Faith needs of the school community.
  • Provide mentorship for non Catholic staff or staff new to Catholic school practices.
  • New teachers will attend monthly meetings with Central Office to gain support and a better understanding of Catholic practices and divisional policies.
  • Provide mentorship and direction for students new to the Catholic school on practices and school culture.
  • Utilize lead religion teacher for support to ensure consistency between classes and grades when utilizing religion resources.
  • Engage parents in our faith practices by inviting them to live streamed mass, share virtual celebrations, post faith activities consistently on social media, share more proof of what classes are doing in newsletters, teachers can email parents-be more intentional in sharing school activities, after Covid invite parents to appropriate activities.

Ongoing Strategies

  • Provide professional development opportunities for teachers to learn religious and cross curricular programming.
  • Excellent Catholic educators teaching religion.
  • Hiring and evangelization of faith-base educators and support staff.
  • Educating staff about Catholic faith and giving them the confidence to participate in our faith celebrations and liturgical seasons.
  • Maintain and expand faith development opportunities and evangelization through fostering a safe inclusive learning environment, prayer, liturgies, celebrations and retreats for staff, students, and parents.
  • Advocate for quality Catholic education by participating in local and provincial initiatives such as SPICE, CCSSA, ACSTA, Religions and Moral Education Council (RMEC), Marked By God, and GrACE committee events.
  • Older/Younger buddy system-model behaviour.
  • In non-Covid years-monthly School-wide celebrations and quarterly masses.
  • Monthly elementary celebrations with the theme, faith component and prayer, Applauses of student recognition.
  • Whole school's weekly prayer.
  • During Covid provide meaningful virtual celebrations with student input and watch at the same time, one grade attends mass and the mass is live streamed back to the school so all are experiencing.
  • Community service for service hours and Acts of Charity.
  • Celebrations begin with prayer and thanks to God.
  • Celebrate our unique identity where our faith sets us aside from public education-faith-themed bulletin boards, prayer corners in classrooms.

Performance Measures


Domain One Local Measures:

  • Student Gr. 4-6 Q5 I am involved in religious celebrations at my school. 93% Yes - Goal 95%
  • Student Gr. 7-12 Q7 How satisfied are you with your opportunity to be involved in the religious celebrations in your school? 79% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 85%
  • Teacher Q4 How satisfied are you with the Catholic Christian atmosphere of the school? 94% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 100%
  • Support Staff Q4 How satisfied are you with the Catholic Christian atmosphere of the school? 100% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 100%
  • Parent Q4 How satisfied are you that the school is helping your child develop their faith 90% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 95%
  •  Parent Q7 How satisfied are you with the opportunity to be involved in school level religious celebrations 52% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 75%

Domain One Provincial Measures:

  • Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments - 87.8% Province, 88.1% BSS - Goal 90%
  • Citizenship - 83.2% Province, 85.2% BSS - Goal 88%
  • Access To Support Services 82.6% Province, 83.3 BSS - Goal 85%
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