Local Societal Context

Assurance Framework

Domain Six

Local Societal Context


To engage schools and communities to identify and respond to the learning needs, interests, aspirations and diverse cultural, social and economic circumstances of all students.


  • Engage education partners to develop a baseline understanding of the local and societal needs and circumstances.
  • Develop and implement a continuous improvement engagement process to support a shared vision for quality Catholic education taking into account the local context of each community within the division.
  • Identify the local context variables to inform decision-making and inform practice.

Primary Strategies

  • Engaging stakeholders to develop a share vision aligned to a continuous improvement framework.
  • Developing a budgeting framework to provide a sustainable, equitable staffing model, contracted services, resource allocation, and professional development to implement the Division’s shared vision for education in each community.
  • Engage and provide stakeholder feedback sessions to document local context variables and demographic information that can be access or gather to inform decision-making and practice.

OnGoing Strategies

  • Developing budget frameworks to subsidize student transportation based on current transportation funding models.
  • Supporting parents in the separate school establishment process to expand Catholic education boundaries.
  • Providing diversified and flexible program opportunities.
  • Engaging local businesses and learning opportunities through the use of the division CTS trailer.
  • Engaging stakeholders in the context their local school communities to improve the understanding of FNMI culture, knowledge and reconciliation.

Performance Measures


Local Performance Measures:

  • Student Gr 7-12 Q32 I would recommend my school to a friend 83% Yes - Goal 85%
  • Teacher Q37 How satisfied are you the school Division is a good place to teach, to learn and grow 85% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 90%
  • Support Staff Q23 How satisfied are you the school Division is a good place to teach, to learn and grow 75% - Goal 80%
  •  Parent Q34 How satisfied are you that East Central Alberta Catholic Schools are good places for children to learn and grow 86% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 90%

Provincial Performance Measures:

  • Education Quality - 89.6% Province, 93.1% BSS - Goal 95%
  • Parent Involvement - 79.5% Province, 78.8% BSS - Goal 80%
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