Assurance Framework

Domain Five



To create and support a shared vision that aligns to local and provincial legislation, and fiscal management practices focusing on program delivery fostering success for all students based on a continuous improvement cycle.


  • Engage students and their families, staff and community members in the creation and ongoing implementation of a shared vision for student success.
  • Manage and allocate financial resources in the interests of ensuring student success, in alignment with system goals and priorities and in accordance with all statutory, regulatory and disclosure requirements.
  • Support relevant curriculum and programs, clearly articulated and designed for implementation within local contexts.
  • Develop and employ a cycle of evidence-based continuous improvement to inform ongoing planning and priority setting, and to build capacity.

Primary Strategies

  • Developing and implementing local surveys and engagement opportunities to engage stakeholders in the continuous improvement process.
  • Advocating for Catholic education and engaging local, parish and provincial officials and stakeholders.
  • Developing a sustainable cooperative or independent transportation services through collaboration with local transporting boards and local and provincial governing bodies.
  • Develop an equitable and sustainable budget to support a share vision for Catholic education taking into account the local realities of each community.

Ongoing Strategies

  • Providing timely focused communication assurance updates to key stakeholders through engagement meetings, website updates, social media postings, and community newspaper articles.
  • Recruiting and supporting quality Catholic teachers and school administration who have the capacity to adapt and lead their school communities in these uncertain times.
  • Supporting faith development and service opportunities for school communities.
  • Developing partnerships with local businesses and post-secondary educational institutions to enhance program offering throughout the communities.
  • Celebrating and recognizing student and staff accomplishments.

Performance Measures


Domain Five Local Measures:

  • Teacher Q36 How satisfied are you that the school Division is responsive and responsible? 86% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 90%
  • Support Staff Q22 How satisfied are you that the school Division is responsive and responsible? 50% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 75%
  • Parent Q31 How satisfied are you that the school District is responsive and responsible? 66% very satisfied or satisfied - Goal 75%
  • Monthly School Council attendance.
  • Parent involvement in school engagement events and activities.

Domain Five Provincial Measures:

  • Parent Involvement - 79.5% Province, 78.8% BSS - Goal 80%
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